How To Choose Between A Divorce Attorney And A Divorce Mediator

The throes of a divorce are stressful, emotional, and have the potential to get extremely complicated. You want to be ready for anything, but you need to know where to start. The first question is: what do I need? A divorce mediator or a divorce attorney? And what’s the difference? The difference between the two often depends on your situation. How complicated are you expecting your divorce proceedings to be? Do you have an amiable relationship with your spouse?

If you expect a tumultuous divorce, you may need the extra and more focused help of an attorney. A divorce attorney norfolk expert only works for one client, which means he or she will be focused on getting you the most beneficial outcome in regards to your divorce. There are many steps in every divorce, but when you have a lawyer a great deal of the document burden is taken off of you. If things are getting complicated and hostile, someone to advocate for you and take your place in the ring may be just what you need

divorce attorney

A divorce mediator, on the other hand, represents neither you nor your spouse, but acts as an objective third-party who plays an active role in divorce negotiations. If you and your spouse know exactly how you want everything to unfold in regards to property, custody, and paperwork, and both of you are capable of staying in the same room together, a mediator may be worth looking into. Also be aware that divorce mediation isn’t really a legally regulated practice like divorce law is. Mediators require a special skill set, but they aren’t lawyers.

The most important thing to keep in mind, however, when choosing between a lawyer or a mediator, is to do your research. You are allowing someone into a personal and emotional time in your life. Make sure they have what you need before hiring them.