Backstroke Helps You Stand Up Straight

The reason that swimming is so good for you comes from the water itself. The water supports your body so muscles don’t have to bear the entire weight of the body. However, there is an additional angle, the water exerts a resistance, and so the muscles still get a powerful workout. It is still aerobic exercise – your heart is beating – but it’s not quite so hard on your muscles and joints.

Most muscle groups get used when you swim, but unless you have mastered the techniques of breaststroke and crawl it can get a little wearisome bobbing up and down with stress on the neck.

This is where swimming backstroke might help you maintain your workout intensity and improve posture.

The backstroke is a power stroke

Backstroke is a total body workout, arms, shoulders, back and legs are all involved. It is a great calorie burner too and your entire back is supported and your neck is not crunched in any direction.


Backstroke opens up the chest muscles and also strengthens the upper back and lats, pulling your shoulders back. If you spend your entire day slouched over a computer, this is the antidote. Your posture is adjusted unconsciously too – this is not something you need to think about.

swimming backstroke

For adults, it is rare that our spines are in a natural position automatically. At other times we have to think about posture, we remind ourselves to sit up straight. We buy gadgets to zap us upright. Try swimming the backstroke instead.

Back and shoulder muscles

Swimming backstroke engages biceps. Triceps and lats engage as you power through the stroke. But the bend on the bicep as you pull through to finish the stroke is against water resistance, gently building muscle as well as using calories.